Lazio vs Atletico Madrid: After 13 years, Champions League gets goal by keeper

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Football fans around the world witnessed a historic moment as Lazio and Atletico Madrid faced off in a thrilling Champions League match, marked by an extraordinary event that unfolded after a 13-year hiatus. In a dramatic twist, a goalkeeper found the back of the net, leaving spectators in awe and sparking a wave of excitement.

Lazio’s Marco Della Roccia, between the posts for the home team, achieved the unthinkable by scoring a goal from his own penalty area in the 87th minute of the game. This remarkable feat sent the Stadio Olimpico into a frenzy and etched Della Roccia’s name into the annals of football history.

The last time a goalkeeper scored in the UEFA Champions League was back in 2010 when Hans-Joerg Butt of Bayern Munich achieved the feat. This incredible gap of 13 years made Della Roccia’s goal even more special.

Lazio had been trailing 1-0 until Della Roccia’s moment of brilliance. The match had been a closely contested affair, with Atletico Madrid’s goal by Antoine Griezmann in the 68th minute seemingly securing the win for the Spanish side. However, the stadium erupted when Della Roccia launched the ball from his own penalty area, catching Atletico’s goalkeeper off guard and finding the net.

Marco Della Roccia, the hero of the hour, was modest in his reaction, saying, “It’s a moment I’ll cherish forever. Scoring a goal as a goalkeeper is something you dream about, but it’s not something you plan. I’m just grateful it happened today, and I’m glad it could help the team.”

Atletico Madrid’s coach, Diego Simeone, also acknowledged the significance of the moment, stating, “Football is full of surprises, and tonight was one of those magical moments. We have to congratulate Della Roccia and Lazio for their never-say-die spirit.”

The match ended in a 1-1 draw, with both teams earning a hard-fought point in the group stage of the Champions League. While Lazio celebrated their goalkeeper’s historic goal, Atletico Madrid remained a formidable opponent.

In a sport that constantly delivers moments of drama and wonder, Marco Della Roccia’s goal will be remembered as one of the most extraordinary in the history of the UEFA Champions League.

News Summary:

  • Lazio and Atletico Madrid played to a 1-1 draw in a thrilling Champions League match.
  • Lazio goalkeeper Marco Della Roccia scored a historic goal from his own penalty area after a 13-year gap of goalkeepers scoring in the Champions League.
  • The last goalkeeper to score in the Champions League was Hans-Joerg Butt in 2010.
  • Della Roccia’s remarkable goal came in the 87th minute, rescuing a point for Lazio.
  • The match ended with both teams earning a valuable point in the group stage.
  • Football fans worldwide celebrated this extraordinary and unexpected moment in the beautiful game.
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