Kashmiri farmers spreading fragrance of success: PM Modi


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday said that Kashmiri farmers were spreading the fragrance of their success.

In his monthly radio broadcast ‘Mann Ki Baat’, the PM talked about the farmers who had shifted towards growing lavender and the benefits they were receiving through the government’s aroma scheme.

“Another effort by the Kashmiri farmers is spreading the fragrance of its success. There is a small town Bhaderwah in Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir. The farmers there traditionally used to grow maize, but some farmers decided to do something innovative. They shifted towards floriculture. Under this, around 2500 farmers are growing lavender. They have also benefitted from the aroma scheme of the government. This has increased their income several times. And today, along with the lavender, the fragrance of their success is also spreading,” he said.

The PM pointed out the rising demand for lotus stems in Kashmir known by local name ‘Nadru’.

“Whenever we talk about Kashmir or Srinagar, the pictures of the mountains and Dal Lake come in front of us. We all want to enjoy the scenic beauty, but there is one more speciality attached to it. Dal Lake is also known for its delicious lotus stems. They are known by different names in the country, and in Kashmir, they are referred to as Nadru,” he said.

The PM said that looking at the rising demand for Nadru, the farmers had created a Farmers Producer Organisation (FPO), and 250 farmers had become a part of it.

“Today, the farmers are able to export the produce of FPOs to foreign countries. Recently, they sent two sets to UAE. This is not just taking up the name of Kashmir, but also increasing the income of the farmers,” he said.

The PM also paid tribute to the woman power.

“This is the time of Navratri, the time to worship Shakti. Today, the potential of India which is emerging from a new perspective, our woman power has a very big role in it. Recently, many such examples have emerged before us. You must have seen Asia’s first female loco pilot Surekha Yadav on social media. Surekha ji, setting another record, has also become the first woman loco pilot of Vande Bharat Express as well,” he said.


Referring to film producer Guneet Monga, whose documentary ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ won the Oscar award earlier this month, the PM said, “This month producer Guneet Monga and director Kartiki Gonsalves brought laurels to the country by winning an Oscar for their documentary, ‘The Elephant Whisperers’.

“Sister Jyotirmayi Mohanty, Scientist of Bhabha Atomic Research Center has also notched another achievement for the country. Jyotirmoyee has received a special award from IUPAC in the field of chemistry and chemical engineering. Earlier this year, India’s Under-19 women’s cricket team created history by winning the T-20 World Cup.”


Referring to women in politics, he said, “If you look at politics, a new beginning has taken place in Nagaland. In Nagaland, for the first time in 75 years, two women legislators have reached the Vidhan Sabha through their victory. One of them has also been made a minister in the Government of Nagaland, that is, for the first time the people of the state have also got a woman minister.”

The PM also mentioned women members of the NDRF contingent, which had gone for relief and rehabilitation work in quake-hit Turkey. “India has also deployed a women-only platoon in the peacekeeping force under the UN mission,” he said. The PM also referred to Group Captain Shalija Dhami, the first woman Air Force officer to get a Command Appointment in a Combat Unit. He also mentioned Captain Shiva Chauhan of the Indian Army, the first woman officer to be posted at Siachen. The PM also highlighted the importance of organ donation and solar energy in his broadcast.

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