Renowned Jurist Justice Markandey Katju’s Twitter Account Was Suspended for Violating Platform Rules

Twitter Suspends Account of Justice Markandey Katju (@mkatju) Due to Violating Twitter Rules

A Blow to Free Speech: Renowned Jurist’s Twitter Account Suspended

In an unexpected turn of events, the popular social networking site Twitter has suspended Justice Markandey Katju’s (@mkatju) account, claiming violations of its platform guidelines. The action has triggered a contentious discussion about the right to free speech and the function of social media sites in controlling content.

Markandey Katju (@mkatju), Former Supreme Court Judge, Faces Twitter Ban

Markandey Katju is an Indian jurist and former judge of Supreme Court of India who served as chairman for the Press Council of India from 2011 to 2014.

Justice Katju acquired a sizable following on Twitter over the years due to his strong opinions and frequently contentious remarks. Yesterday, his account was immediately terminated. This account has developed into a forum for him to share his legal knowledge, thoughts, and participate in discussions. Many of his admirers and followers were shocked and alarmed by this behaviour.

Markandey Katju Responds to Twitter Ban: Vows to Continue Fighting for Free Speech

In an interview with The News Caravan Justice Katju told “The arms of the Pakistan Establishment ( the ruling PDM & the Pak army) may not be long enough to get me arrested, tortured or killed ( as they have done to thousands of Pakistani protesters ) since I am in India, but they are long enough to get my twitter account suspended. Despite my email to Elon Musk it has not been restored. However, I share a quality with Imran Khan. I keep fighting till the last ball.”

Further Justice Markandey Katju said :

(1) No reason has been given to me for suspending my twitter account and I was not informed by twitter what was the objectionable material

(2) If I had posted anything which twitter regarded objectionable they could have deleted it and given me a warning not to post such material. Suspension should only have been if I did not pay heed to to this warning

(3) Twitter should clarify whether it regards calling a politician corrupt hate speech if I give evidence to prove it e.g. Panama Papers and other material which prove corruption of Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam

Violation of Twitter Rules: What Led to the Suspension?

Twitter’s official statement claims that many rules breaches, including those involving hate speech and targeted harassment, led to the suspension. The precise tweets that caused the ban have not been made public by Twitter, although it is assumed that users who considered them offensive or inappropriate complained them.

Reactions Pour In: Free Speech Advocates Express Concerns

The continuing discussion over how to strike a balance between the right to free expression and social media companies’ obligations to control material has been revived by Twitter’s decision to ban Justice Katju’s account. While many contend that social media sites like Twitter have a responsibility to create a secure and welcoming environment, others worry about the impact on free speech and the possible stifling of opposing viewpoints.

Justice Katju’s supporters contend that his suspension creates a risky precedent for censoring opposing viewpoints and restricting intellectual conversation. They think that even if his opinions can be divisive, they should still be protected by the right to free expression. On the other side, detractors argue that Twitter’s response was appropriate since it’s crucial to preserve a civil and secure online environment for all users.

Twitter’s Ongoing Battle Against Violators of its Policies

This event serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges social media platforms confront in policing content and consistently applying their rules. Similar to other major platforms, Twitter has received criticism in the past for how it handles material and contentious people. As platforms work to establish an environment that accommodates to all perspectives while reducing the danger of violence or harassment, striking a balance between the need for user safety and the need for freedom of speech remains a challenging issue.

Several human rights organisations and proponents of free expression have voiced their concerns in reaction to Justice Katju’s suspension. They contend that the suspension undermines the value of free expression, which is a cornerstone of every democratic society, and sets a perilous precedent. They stress the value of having an open discussion even when confronted with opposing or offensive viewpoints.

On the other hand, several users have praised Twitter’s choice, saying it sends a clear statement about hate speech and online abuse. They contend that social media sites like Twitter owe duty to all users to establish a secure environment free from harassment and threats.

In recent years, Twitter has worked to strengthen its content filtering and policy enforcement. The site now employs both automatic technologies and human moderators to monitor and evaluate reported content and has tougher policies against hate speech, harassment, and disinformation. However, managing a platform with millions of users throughout the world successfully is still a difficult endeavour.

The decision made by Twitter to suspend Justice Katju raises concerns regarding the openness of its enforcement practises. Some contend that supplying greater background information and openness on the precise

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Why was Justice Markandey Katju’s Twitter account suspended?

Justice Katju’s Twitter account was suspended for alleged violations of Twitter’s platform rules, including hate speech and targeted harassment.

What is the significance of Justice Katju’s response to the Twitter ban?

In his statement, Justice Katju emphasises the necessity to defend free expression and the freedom to dissent while also highlighting the disparity in power between himself and the Pakistani Establishment.

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