India’s Rich Culture And Heritage Left Lasting Impression On G20 Delegates: Anurag Singh Thakur


SRINAGAR: Union Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports Anurag Singh Thakur  on Friday said that G20 under India’s Presidency has set new milestones for the country.

Maintaining that India’s rich art, culture and heritage has left lasting impression on the delegates from across the world, Union Minister said, “Around 103 delegates participating in the Y20 pre summit in Leh are mesmerized by the monasteries, sangam and landscape of Leh and they want to return to Ladakh again.”

Stating that despite statements by many that the pre summit should not be organized in Leh, the Y20 pre summit concluded successfully.

haring details on the outcomes of the Pre Summit in Leh,  Union Minister said that there is a consensus on the five themes of Y20 summit among the participating countries and international organizations. He also informed that important suggestions have come on the future challenges including reskilling and Upskilling. |

“The meeting focused on the five Y20 themes of Shared Future: Youth in Democracy and Governance ; Future of Work: Industry 4.0, Innovation & 21st Century Skills; Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction: Making Sustainability a Way of Life; Peace Building and Reconciliation: Ushering in an era of No War and  Health, Wellbeing & Sports: Agenda for Youth,” he said.

Earlier the Union Minister held  Yuva Samvaad with the delegates and said that the runway is ready for youth to take off, whether it is for economy or education, sports or entrepreneurship,skill development or digitisation, and the youth – now have a mission to make a global impact.

He also said that the Y20 summit is providing an extraordinary opportunity for the youth and the world alike to shape their national as well as international discourse and in many ways be proactive in finding solutions to problems our respective regions face.

He further remarked, “I am confident that the young generation will make the advancements of the last century look miniscule compared to the milestones that this new (youth) generation will discover.”

He said that Young people should know that you are living in the greatest time to be alive and encouraged them to – Dream, read, write, think and act fearlessly.

He also added that the Y20 themes have been carefully selected to empower young people to create, collaborate, and contribute to the G20’s development agenda and the global community as a whole.

“We firmly believe, that at the end of this decade, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet will have evolved significantly and data science would have occupied much deeper parts of our lives. Youth should be prepared with these skills,” Thakur said.

He urged that Youth must move away from the constraints of the past and exploit the opportunities of the present, to unleash the potential of their countries in the future!

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