India’s G20 presidency will be outcome-oriented: Amitabh Kant


Hyderabad: India’s G20 presidency will be decisive, inclusive and outcome-oriented, said G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant at a press conference on Friday.

He underlined that G20 is important because it comprises 85 per cent of the global GDP, 78 per cent of global trade and 2/3rds of the world’s population.

It is significant in light of the world’s ongoing crises, Kant said.

A new Engagement Group – Startup20 – has been established as part of the G20 India Presidency. Startup20 aims to develop a global narrative for supporting startups and facilitating synergies among startups, corporations, investors, innovation agencies, and other key ecosystem stakeholders, according to an official release of Startup20 PRO.

The primary objective is to harmonise the global startup ecosystem through a collaborative and forward-looking approach.

As per the official statement, the purpose of this group is to provide a common platform for startups from G20 member countries to come together to develop actionable guidance in the form of the building of enabler’s capacities, identification of funding gaps, enhancement of employment opportunities, achievement of SDG targets and climate resilience, and growth of an inclusive ecosystem.

The Startup20 activities will span over five events.

The Inception Meet of Startup20 will be held in Hyderabad on January 28-29. The summit event will happen in July 2023 in Gurugram with three intervening events that have been planned in different parts of India.

The participating countries include the G20 countries as well as 9 observer countries from overseas.

About 80 delegates are expected. Indian delegates expected are around 100, including Incubators, Startups, Investors, and Industry Partners among others, the press release added.

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