Indian Railways Unveils Upgraded Vande Bharat Express Trains

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In a significant development for India’s railway system, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched nine upgraded Vande Bharat Express trains on September 24th. These trains, designed with passenger comfort and safety in mind, mark a new era in rail travel and aim to connect religious and tourist destinations across 11 states in the country.

The introduction of these upgraded trains represents a major step forward for Indian Railways and is set to redefine passenger experiences. Equipped with world-class amenities and advanced safety features, including the innovative Kavach technology, these Vande Bharat Express trains are poised to raise the bar for rail services in India.

One of the noteworthy improvements is the increased seat reclining angle, which has been enhanced from 17.31 degrees to a more comfortable 19.37 degrees. Passengers will also appreciate the optimized cushion hardness and a pleasant change in the color of executive class seats from red to soothing blue.

Moreover, passengers will find it more convenient to charge their devices, as the trains now offer improved accessibility to mobile charging points located under the seats. Additional comfort features include extended footrests for seats and magazine bags for executive class coach-end seats.

In lavatories, the wash basin depth has been adjusted to prevent water splashing, and lighting has been upgraded from 1.5 watts to 2.5 watts for better visibility. To enhance passenger grip, toilet handles have been redesigned, and water tap aerators have been included for improved water flow control.

The newly upgraded Vande Bharat Express trains also cater to passengers with special needs. They offer secure points for wheelchairs, ensuring accessibility for Divyangjan passengers in driving trailer coaches.

Passengers can look forward to better air-conditioning, thanks to improved air tightness and enhanced insulation over panels. Roller blind fabric with increased tear strength and less transparency enhances privacy, and luggage rack lights now feature smooth touch controls, moving from resistive touch to capacitive touch.

Safety has not been compromised in these upgrades. The trains are equipped with an aerosol-based fire detection and suppression system inside the coaches, adding an extra layer of protection.

Furthermore, the driver desk in the Driving Trailer Coaches has been redesigned with a uniform-colored theme, and the emergency stop push button in the driver control panel has been modified to make it easier for loco pilots to operate.

In conclusion, the launch of these nine upgraded Vande Bharat Express trains represents a significant milestone in India’s railway history. With a focus on passenger comfort, safety, and accessibility, these trains are set to redefine rail travel and provide an enhanced experience for passengers exploring the diverse destinations across the country.

News Summary:

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated nine upgraded Vande Bharat Express trains, designed to enhance passenger comfort and safety.
  • These trains will connect religious and tourist destinations across 11 states in India.
  • Notable improvements include increased seat reclining angles, optimized cushion hardness, and improved colors for executive class seats.
  • Enhanced mobile charging accessibility, extended footrests, and magazine bags are among the added conveniences.
  • Lavatories feature adjusted wash basin depths, improved lighting, and better water flow control.
  • The trains provide wheelchair secure points for Divyangjan passengers.
  • Improved air-conditioning, privacy features, and luggage rack lights with capacitive touch controls have been introduced.
  • Safety enhancements include an aerosol-based fire detection and suppression system.
  • Driver desks and emergency stop push buttons have been redesigned for operational ease.
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