In a new counterpoint to Bolsonaro, Lula vaccinates himself in public


During the launch of the “National Movement for Vaccination”, the PT member received the 5th dose of the vaccine against covid-19

The president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT), 77 years old, publicly received the 5th dose of the coronavirus vaccine this Monday (27.Feb.2023). Who applied was the vice president and Minister of Development, Industry. Commerce and Services, Geraldo Alckmin (PSB), who is a doctor.

The act was yet another counterpoint by the petista to his predecessor, Jair Bolsonaro (PL). When he was president, Bolsonaro cast doubt on the effectiveness of vaccines against covid-19.

The dose applied to Lula is of the bivalent type, which is effective against variants of the virus and the original strain. In addition to him, other people were also vaccinated in the act.

“Taking a vaccine is a gesture of responsibility”said Lula. “I take vaccines because I enjoy life”he declared, remembering his age.

The president also mentioned other diseases in addition to covid-19. “The time the child gets paralyzed, then we will suffer for the rest of our lives, something that could have been avoided”he declared.

Lula and the Minister of Health, Nisia Trindade, mentioned the mascot of Brazil’s vaccination programs, Zé Gotinha.

“Don’t be afraid of Zé Gotinha”, said the president. The minister cheered the character.

Also participating in the act were the Minister of the General Secretariat, Márcio Macêdo, the interim governor of the Federal District, Celina Leão (PP), who was booed, and the first lady, Janja Lula da Silva.


The “National Movement for Vaccination” campaign, organized by the Ministry of Health, proposes to expand the coverage of vaccines available in the SUS (Unified Health System). In the 1st phase of the program, the portfolio must reinforce immunization against covid-19. Reinforcement begins with priority groups across the country, such as seniors over 60 years old.

Watch the launch (20min):

#counterpoint #Bolsonaro #Lula #vaccinates #public

#counterpoint #Bolsonaro #Lula #vaccinates #public
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