Hyderabad will produce more than 1,400 crore vaccines, says KT Rama Rao


Hyderabad: Telangana minister KT Rama Rao on Tuesday said that Telangana produces one-third of human vaccines which is more than 35 per cent, with 900 crore vaccines produced by Hyderabad.

By next year around 1,400 crore vaccines will be produced from Hyderabad, KTR stated.

“Hyderabad also has the largest number of USFDA-approved manufacturing pharmaceutical companies for a single province in the world which is 214 units. The second largest is in New Jersey with 189 units,” KTR further stated.

KTR stated that the third most important thing is Hyderabad also has the largest medical devices park in India where we also have Asia’s largest stunt manufacturing facility, so Hyderabad in fact one of the most important life sciences hubs.

“We are also going to be launching Hyderabad Pharma city which will again be a very large Pharma cluster in the world. So consolidating all these strengths in life sciences our ambition is to continue what we have started and take it to the next level,” he further stated.

He added, “So we have been conducting an event called Bio Asia for 19 years and this year is the 20th year of Bio Asia. Very hopeful with International partners such as the United Kingdom, and Belgium and representatives from more than 55 different countries. With more than 2,500 participants, this event will become a huge success.”

He further stated, “I’m also constantly in touch with various industry bodies and industry associations who participated, we have Nobel laureates and we have world-renowned scientists and also industrialists participating in this event. I’m looking forward to this with great enthusiasm, there will be a number of investment announcements, a number of MOUs announced, and there will be an exhibition where a number of new companies exhibit their products.”

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