Hyderabad: Rs 25 crore announced for Hare Krishna Heritage Tower works


Hyderabad: Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Monday announced Rs 25 crore for the construction of Hare Krishna Heritage Tower in the city.

The Hare Krishna Movement (HKM) organized Bhumi Puja ceremony for the monument, which is 400 feet (120 meters) tall and is meant to be major religious and cultural landmark in Hyderabad.

Taken up at a cost of Rs 200 crore, the tower consists of temples that have a linkage through various religions and will likely be completed by 2028.

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About the Tower

The Tower will be constructed on a sprawling six-acre campus at Goshpada Kshetra (land sanctified by cows) in Narsingi. The deities’ of Radha and Krishna along with the eight gopis known as Asthasakhis, will be installed in the grand temple hall.

A traditional stone-carved temple with a large prakara dedicated to Sri Srinivasa Govinda, inspired by the world-renowned Sri Venkateshwara Swamy shrine in Tirumala will be there in the Tower that will draw architectural elements from Kakatiya, Chalukya, Dravidian and other ancient styles.

The campus will have features like a library, museum, and multi-vision theatre for the spiritual and cultural education of children, youth, and families.

Various attractions integrated with the latest technologies, such as hologram and laser projection, will create engaging and immersive experiences for visitors and present our rich culture and heritage in a captivating manner, a grand vaidika samkara hall and pilgrim guest rooms have also been built that can be utilized for large gatherings.

Speaking after laying the foundation for the Hare Krishna Movement’s Heritage Tower at Narsingi, KCR said that the state government would extend all support to organizations, which follow peaceful, devotional practices.

“I am really proud to be here among all of you to share joyous moments. A very very devotional beautiful temple will come up very shortly in Hyderabad,” said KCR.

Recalling that the Telangana government has built the Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple at Yadadri in a very decent way and was being appreciated by one and all, KCR said that the Anjaneya Swamy Temple at Kondagattu and Vemulawada and Kaleshwaram temples are also under construction.

Stating that the Hare Krishna Heritage Tower should serve society in both devotional and social ways, KCR said, “If you want to have peace, it can be derived from prayers at temples and other religious structures.”

“Religious ignorance among people creates trouble for humans. No religion promotes hatred but religious ignorance takes people into a trance and forces them to perform inhuman activities,” added KCR.

“Right from school children to IT employees, many were relishing hot, hygienic, and nutritious food through Annapurna Centres. Not a single complaint has been lodged to date. After relishing the food, students and even high-income group people were appreciating the state government and Akshaya Patra Foundation,” added KCR.

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