Hyderabad: Police nab 6 for beating a 16-year-old to death


Hyderabad: The Kulsumpura police, on Friday, arrested six men, including three rowdy sheeters, for allegedly beating a 16-year-old boy to death. 

Baid Yogesh, Naigode Shankar, Ballem Sharath Kumar, Konde Varun Rao, Bodi Mahesh, and Kallukotala Raja Swamy were named by police as accused and were apprehended on Friday. Puranapool resident Akash, who is also named as an accused, is absconding.

Bhosle Deepak Kumar, 21, a food delivery person, was accompanied by Mohammed Sohail, 16, student, while walking to a petrol bunk for fuel on April 22 at 9:30 PM in Jiyaguda.

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As the both were walking, they were approached by some five to six men, among them was Ballem Sharath Kumar, 19, who was acquainted with Deepak.

According to police, the men said that one Faizan has taken away a bike that belonged to Baid Yogesh, 21, a GHMC labourer to which Deepak replied that he was aware of the incident. 

The men asked Deepak for the whereabouts of Faizan, when he informed them that he had no idea where Faizan was. Upon being enraged by the situation, the men allegedly abused both Deepak and Sohail verbally and forcibly took them to Tadban road, Bahadurpura on their two-wheelers. 

They beat both Deepak and Sohail on the roadside and then at around 3AM the next day, they were taken to a graveyard in Kamela Market and were attacked with wooden sticks and stones. 

At 7 AM they were taken to the Musi river behind a mosque at Patel Hotel and beaten. 

Deepak and Sohail were shifted to the terrace of K-block building, GHMC colony, Jiyaguda at 7 PM on the same day, April 23. They were beaten again, with belts and wooden sticks. 

Sohail lost consciousness when Naigode Shankar allegedly attacked him with a beer bottle. After sometime the accused had left the scene and the neighbours found the both on the terrace at 4AM the next day, April 24.

The police was informed about the incident and they were brought to the Osmania General Hospital for treatment. Sohail died while undergoing treatment. 

Baid Yogesh, Konde Varun Rao and Kallukotala Raja Swamy are rowdy sheeters. Rao and Swamy were out on bail when they got involved in the present case.

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