Hyderabad: 2687 fined Rs 35.90L for drunk driving in April


Hyderabad: Under Operation ROPE, the traffic police have taken up special drives in the city and booked 1019 people for the illegal use of sirens in April and 1600 since January.

While 2687 were booked for drunk driving with a fine amount of Rs 35,90,500 collected only in April, 13,429 were booked since the beginning of 2023 with a collection of Rs 3,21,39,060 as a fine in total.

As many as 1717 chargesheets were filed by the cops who presented the convicts in front of the Metropolitan Magistrate Courts in Nampally where a fine of Rs 35,90,500 was imposed on them. However, 1317 were sentenced to imprisonment since the year began.

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Likewise, 63,508 were booked for wrong-side driving only in April of the total 2,30,974 booked since the beginning of 2023.

Additionally, 1019 were booked for illegal use of sirens in the same month.

Operation ‘ROPE’ (Removal of Obstructive Parking and Encroachments) was launched in September 2022 with the objective to remove all the obstructions caused by illegally parked vehicles of commuters and materials by shop keepers/street vendors either on main carriageways or on the footpaths and to facilitate safe pedestrian movements at all intersections.

As a part of the operation, traffic police personnel in the city educated commuters personally and also through various social media platforms.

Awareness was followed by strict enforcement of laws by the traffic cops against violations, where 45,710 people were booked for breaking the stop line rule, 9337 for free left, 5179 for wheel clamp obstruction and encroachment of carriageways or footpaths in April with the registration of 42 FIRs.

Similarly, 13,431 people were booked for triple riding in addition to 864 RTC buses, 1908 heavy vehicles for overload, 12,125 for wrong number plates, and 1517 for black films in April.

The city traffic police have asserted that data contemplates the need for severe action to prevent the loss of lives, which can be saved just by observing simple traffic rules.

Also, the traffic police will continue their special drives on the wrong side, triple driving and other commuter safety violations until the desired results under the ambit of road safety are achieved.

Operation ROPE has brought a significant change in the personal commuting behaviour of the citizens at all intersections.

The respondents who were convicted of drunken driving and other traffic violations may face difficulties in getting government jobs, passports and visa clearance.

The violators who committed the offence were also counselled at TTI, Goshamahal and Begumpet. The drive against drunken driving and other violations will continue for the safety of the commuters on the road.

Hyderabad Traffic police request motorists not to drive their vehicles under drunken conditions and abide by the traffic laws as a measure for their own safety.

Traffic Police have informed that these special drives and execution of operation ROPE are solely aimed at a smooth flow of traffic, regulation and individual road safety.

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