Gold rates in Hyderabad, Dubai, Riyadh, other important cities


Gold is not just a precious metal but its rates in Hyderabad, Dubai, Riyadh and other big cities of the world indicate the market trends. The rates of the yellow metal depend on various factors including geopolitical stability, wars, pandemic, uncertainties, etc.

As gold is also a commodity, its rates depend on demand and supply. In case of any uncertainty, the rates of yellow metal increase drastically as investors consider it save heaven.

However, during the market boom period, its rates return to normal as investors start exploring options that can give them higher returns when compared to gold.

Apart from demand-supply, local factors also contribute to the gold rates in Hyderabad, Dubai, Riyadh, and other important cities across the world.

Gold rates in Hyderabad

Gold rates in Hyderabad and other cities in India depend on various factors including its currency exchange rates as the country is a net importer of the yellow metal.

If the dollar rate goes up against the rupee, India has to spend more to import gold thereby making the yellow metal costly in the local market.

Gold rates as on22-carat (10 grams) [Change]24-carat (10 grams) [Change]
January 21Rs. 52250 [-100]Rs. 57060 [-50]

Gold rates in Dubai, UAE

A host of factors are responsible for the rise and fall in gold rates in Dubai. The common factors are inflation, tax rates, demand, and supply, etc.

It is a precious metal for both those who buy it for personal use and investors who want to diversify their investments.

When the values of other investment options such as stock, mutual funds, etc go down, the gold value increases thereby reducing the net losses of the investors.

Gold rates as on22-carat (10 grams) [Change]24-carat (10 grams) [Change]
January 21Dirham 2160 [No change]Dirham 2333 [No change]

Gold rates in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The gold rates in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, mainly depend on global factors. However, other factors such as inflation, taxes, and demand-supply also plays role in the price movement of the yellow metal.

Gold rates as on22-carat (10 grams) [Change]24-carat (10 grams) [Change]
January 21Riyal 2230 [No change]Riyal 2410 [No change]

Gold rates in Doha

As Doha, the capital of Qatar sells gold at tax-free rates, the rates are cheaper when compared to India.

Gold rates as on22-carat (10 grams) [Change]24-carat (10 grams) [Change]
January 21Qatari Riyal 2230 [No change]Qatari Riyal 2370 [No change]

Gold rates in Washington

Due to the history of using it as currency, gold is considered a monetary metal. It becomes the most in-demand metal in case of uncertainty in any part of the world.

Gold rates as on22-carat (10 grams) [Change]24-carat (10 grams) [Change]
January 21USD 590 [No change]USD 640 [+5]

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