GMC Srinagar Conducts Outreach Health Camp At Gurez


SRINAGAR: In a bid to provide free medical services to the people of Gurez, the Department of Community Medicine, GMC Srinagar in collaboration with five specialties of GMC Srinagar organized a free outreach health camp in the area.

The health camp was staffed by a team of experienced medical professionals, who provided a wide range of services to the local residents. The camp offered services such as free medical check-ups, radiology, antenatal scans, and ophthalmological, orthopedic, and ENT examinations.

The consultants and specialist doctors, along with a team of medical staff, set up various examination and treatment stations to cater to the different healthcare needs of the patients. Medicine specialists provided general health check-ups and prescribed medications for common illnesses while ophthalmologists conducted eye examinations and distributed free medications

ENT specialists addressed ear, nose, and throat problems, while orthopedic doctors provided consultations on bone and joint problems. Obstetricians and gynecologists provided prenatal check-ups and discussed family planning methods.

During the free health outreach camp in Gurez, over 500 patients were seen and treated who had various ailments including chronic obstructive airway disease (COAD), acute pancreatitis (APD), upper respiratory tract infections (URTI), documented cases of fatty liver, febrile illness, scabies, dermatitis, and eczema.

Among the pediatric patients, there were 62 cases with clinical features of anemia and URTI. Additionally, one case was diagnosed with cyanotic heart disease and was referred to the Children Hospital Srinagar.

35 patients were seen for gynecology and obstetrics issues. Among them, 13 were expecting mothers who underwent Antenatal Care (ANC).

A significant number of patients were observed seeking treatment for various ear-related problems. Out of the 52 patients seen, a majority presented with conditions affecting their ears, reflecting the prevalence of ear issues within the community.

Among the cases encountered, particular attention was given to two young siblings, aged 4 and 3 years, who were diagnosed with congenital Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SNHL). Congenital SNHL refers to a hearing impairment that a person is born with, and it can significantly impact their quality of life if left untreated.

Understanding the importance of early intervention, the concerned medical professionals at the ENT  have advised the siblings to visit the ENT department at SMHS Hospital or any relevant hospital] for further evaluation and management. By taking this step, the medical team aims to provide the best possible treatment and support for the young patients in improving their hearing abilities and overall development.

During the camp, 65 abdominal ultrasound scans were conducted, and some interesting findings were observed. Out of 18 patients, 9 males and 9 females had hepatic steatosis, while three patients had moderate hepatic steatosis. Additionally, three cases of cholelithiasis and two cases of hydronephrosis were diagnosed.

The health camp also offered antenatal scans, and 11 scans were conducted.

In Orthopedic OPD, a variety of patients attended the clinic. The majority of patients were suffering from LBA with radiculopathy. Ophthalmology OPD was attended by 85 patients. The predominant problem among the patients was congested pterygium, followed by refractive error, allergic conjunctivitis, dry eyes, and cataract.

During the camp, the ophthalmologists provided a range of services to the patients. Patients with congested pterygium were provided with appropriate treatment.

Patients with cataracts were referred for further evaluation and treatment, while patients with vernal keratoconjunctivitis and episcleritis were provided with appropriate medication and lifestyle modifications.

The camp was very well coordinated by BMO Gurez Dr Tahira with support from her staff at PHC Budupora. The camp organisers expressed their gratitude to DC Bandipora Dr Owais Ahmad, concerned HODs of GMC Srinagar, CMO Bandipora, and SDM Gurez for their support and cooperation in conducting a successful camp and expect similar camps in such far-off places in the future too.

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