Future ChatGPT models to replace many human tasks: Top AI scientist


New Delhi: The future versions of ChatGPT have the potential to replace many tasks currently performed by humans, leading AI researcher and cognitive scientist Ben Goertzel has warned.

Known for co-developing Sophia the Robot, Goertzel believes the new large language models that power generative AI will transform the world, reports ZDNet.

“You don’t need to be incredibly creative and innovative or make big leaps to do most people’s jobs, as it turns out,” Goertzel was quoted as saying.

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Automated AI tools could lead to industry reshuffling and reassigning job duties.

Drive-through fast-food workers, copy editors and designers are already impacted by AI.

“Tools like Grammarly decrease the need for human copy editors,” Goertzel said.

China-based marketing and public relations agency BlueFocus is replacing third-party copy writers, designers, and short-term contractors to fully embrace generative AI like ChatGPT.

After the ChatGPT success, apps with the term ‘AI Chatbot’ or ‘AI Chat’ in either their app name, subtitle, or description on both Google and Apple app stores have increased a whopping 1,480 per cent (year-over-year) in the first quarter this year.

According to analytics firm Apptopia, just this year (through March), 158 such apps have arrived on the app stores.

However, jobs where the essence is human contact, like preschool teachers, political strategists and artists, “will not become obsolete”.

Today’s generative AIs “are able to impersonate general AIs by just having such a broad variety of training data. They don’t have to go far beyond that training data to do amazing stuff. It’s a testament to the power of computer networks and multi-GPU server farms,” he was quoted as saying.

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