Former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey in Talks to Make WWE Return

Wrestling fans around the world are abuzz with excitement as reports suggest that former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion and WWE superstar Ronda Rousey is in discussions to make a sensational return to the squared circle. While nothing has been confirmed, these developments have ignited speculation and anticipation among fans and pundits alike.

Rousey, who made a significant impact during her previous stint with WWE, has been a sought-after figure since she took a hiatus from professional wrestling. According to insiders, negotiations between Rousey and WWE officials have been ongoing for several weeks, and both parties are keen on finding common ground.

Rousey’s initial WWE run, which began in 2018, was marked by her in-ring prowess and charismatic presence. She quickly rose to the top, becoming Raw Women’s Champion and captivating audiences with her athleticism and charisma. Her absence from WWE after WrestleMania 35 in 2019 left fans eagerly awaiting her return.

WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon commented on the developments, saying, “Ronda Rousey is a tremendous talent, and her contributions to WWE were unforgettable. We’ve had open lines of communication with her, and discussions about her return are ongoing. If the stars align, we could witness something truly special.”

Rousey herself has also weighed in on the rumors. In a recent interview, she stated, “I had an incredible time in WWE, and I’ve missed the WWE Universe. I’m exploring options, and we’ll see where it goes. I’ve got a lot of unfinished business in that ring.”

Despite Rousey’s successful career in mixed martial arts and her Hollywood ventures, her potential return to WWE has the potential to be a game-changer for the sports entertainment giant. It would not only boost viewership but also elevate the women’s division to new heights.

However, the negotiations are far from finalized, and fans will have to wait for an official announcement to confirm Rousey’s return. Until then, the WWE Universe remains on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the possibility of Ronda Rousey’s comeback.


  • Former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey is reportedly in discussions with WWE officials for a potential return to professional wrestling.
  • Negotiations between Rousey and WWE have been ongoing for several weeks.
  • Rousey’s previous WWE run, which began in 2018, was marked by her in-ring prowess and charisma.
  • WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon expressed optimism about Rousey’s return.
  • Rousey herself confirmed exploring options for a comeback and expressed her desire to return to WWE.
  • While nothing is confirmed yet, Rousey’s return could have a significant impact on WWE and its women’s division.

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