Excise policy case: Vijay Nair tried to impress K Kavitha…, says ED


New Delhi: Former communication in-charge of AAP, Vijay Nair, tried to impress KCR’s daughter K. Kavitha in the Delhi excise policy case, allegedly to gain their trust and generate kickbacks, the ED has said in the charge sheet, quoting another accused Buchi Babu, former CA of Kavitha.

Buchi Babu in his statement said that in March 2021, accused Arun Pillai and Abhishek had connected with Vijay Nair and Sameer Mahandru on Zoom call in Delhi in respect of the business opportunities in the upcoming Delhi excise policy. Buchi Babu said there was a political understanding between K. Kavitha and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and former Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

“Vijay Nair was trying to impress K Kavitha with what he could do in the policy. Vijay Nair was acting on behalf of the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia. Vijay Nair was working on the excise policy at their behalf,” ED has said quoting Buchi Babu.

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The understanding was that in exchange of the favours that can be done in the policy and in the Delhi liquor business for K Kavitha, some funds would be given to the AAP. Arun Pillai was also closely working with Vijay Nair on the policy discussions. During this entire process, he was only giving his services as a professional and understanding the business opportunities on her behalf along with Arun Pillai.

When ED asked Buchi Babu about having possession of parts of the Group of Ministers (GoM) report in his phone on March, 21 2021, he said that Vijay Nair sent this message to Arun Pillai and him and then he copied this message from his one phone to other phone.

“Vijay Nair sent this message to show that he is getting those changes added in the GoM and the same he had sent to Buchi Babu and Arun,” the ED charge sheet read.

After the meeting that took place in Gauri Apartments in New Delhi, Buchi Babu, Arun and Abhishek met with Vijay Nair and businessman Dinesh Arora at ITC Kohenoor in Hyderabad in June 2021. The meeting was to discuss various issues pertaining to South Group’s engagement in the Delhi liquor business, proposals etc.

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