Eurovision | The wrapper is already threatening Loreen in the Eurovision Song Contest, according to a Swedish magazine


Finland’s Eurovision representative Käärijä is third on the betting lists.

Finland Eurovisa representative Wrapper has hurtled to the top of the betting charts. Odds of betting sites combined Eurovision world– website, Finland is third on the list of favorites to win, right after Sweden and Ukraine.

After Saturday’s UMK final, the reading describing the probability of Finland’s victory rose from six to 12 percent. At the top is Sweden, whose Eurovision representative is predicted to be someone who has already won the competition once Lorena. The singer got through with his song Tattoo For the final of Melodifestivalen, which takes place on March 11.

Supplier Tobbe Ek published by a Swedish newspaper on Sunday A detailed analysis on Aftonbladet’s blog Wrapper about the victory with the title: “Finland challenges Loreen – in Cha Cha cha.”

According to the reporter, Finns have previously lacked the confidence to vote for a big hit song in Finnish. Instead, Finns have sent songs in English to the competition.

“That changed yesterday, and Cha Cha Cha it’s exactly the kind of craziness that usually works well in Eurovision.”

According to the editor, the Finnish language suits the song musically well and works to its advantage.

Ukraine apart from the betting lists, the Nordic countries are currently dominating. After Finland, Norway is represented on the list Alessandra with a song Queen of Kings.

Finland’s Eurovision representative UMK’s performance has aroused enthusiasm among viusu fans. For example, there are several fan-made reaction videos to Saturday’s show on YouTube.

Correction 27.2. 4:28 p.m.: Jere Pöyhönen’s name was originally written as Jere Pöyhänen in the main picture.

#Eurovision #wrapper #threatening #Loreen #Eurovision #Song #Contest #Swedish #magazine

#Eurovision #wrapper #threatening #Loreen #Eurovision #Song #Contest #Swedish #magazine
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