Eric Adams support for Cardi B performance puts him at odds with his police commissioner


On Friday, however, Adams praised the idea, putting him in agreement with Holmes and at odds with Sewell.

“There are those who critique: Why would you bring Cardi B because she was arrested?” Adams said. “The same reason why you brought Cardi B is why people voted for me, because I was arrested. You don’t discard people.”

Holmes had also butted heads with Sewell after nixing a timed fitness requirement for recruits, according to a report in the New York Post. While Sewell first shot down the idea, Holmes later went directly to Adams and got the change approved.

On Friday, the mayor praised Holmes’ 35 years in the NYPD and said she was the right person to lead the probation department, in part because of her forgiving nature.

“This is the best fit: someone that understands that you don’t throw people away,” the mayor said. “And I think it’s reflected with what she did with Cardi B.”

Holmes’ departure is part of a broader shakeup in the department. Multiple chiefs have left this year as the NYPD settles under the new leadership of Sewell and Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Philip Banks, an Adams confidant who also exerts influence over the department.

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