Dubai mother sentenced to life for torturing, drowning 10-yr-old daughter


Abu Dhabi: A Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced a Russian mother to life in jail for torturing her 10-year-old daughter to death, local media reported.

The incident occurred on June 22, 2023, in The Villa area in Dubai, where the mother called an ambulance, claiming that her daughter had drowned in the bathtub.

However, after investigation, the police discovered that the child had bruises and burns on her body.

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The police investigated and questioned the mother who lived with the victim, a two-year-old son, and a domestic worker, who left the country on the same day of the crime.

As per a report by Gulf News, during questioning, the mother denied her involvement in the crime and blamed the domestic worker for her daughter’s death.

After an arrest warrant was issued against the worker, the authorities arrested the servant at his country’s airport with the help of Interpol. However, he denied any involvement in the crime when questioned.

He pins the crime on the mother, indicating that he noticed that the mother deliberately abused her daughter and tortured her continuously.

A day before the crime, the servant saw the mother locking her daughter in her room.

As per media reports, the next morning, when he went to wake her up for school, he found her missing from the bedroom.

When he heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom, he found the girl lying in the tub. He immediately informed the mother of the girl’s condition but was shocked by her calm reaction. Fearing that he would be accused of the crime, he left for his home country.

After the servant testified, the mother admitted to physically harming her daughter and drowning her in the bathtub.

The criminal court sentenced her to life imprisonment.

It is reported that the servant was referred to the Criminal Court, which sentenced him to one month in prison for not reporting a crime.

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