Dubai: Customer suffers burns as waiter spills liquid nitrogen; offered free meal


Abu Dhabi: A diner at a high-end Japanese restaurant Tabu in Downtown Dubai, suffered minor burns after a waiter accidentally spilt liquid nitrogen on her back during a theatrical presentation of dishes.

Aline Fleihan, an architect who lives in Saudi Arabia, when on a visit to Dubai and dining with her friends at a restaurant when the alleged incident happened.

The incident happened on Friday, January 20. “We were four at the table. About an hour later, the waiter was passing by, carrying a large tray above his head that was packed with food and drinks and the liquid nitrogen container. He dropped it by accident, and it fell on my back,” Aline told Khaleej Times.

Aline Fleihan, took to Twitter to slam the restaurant for dropping a tray of liquid nitrogen on her back— which resulted in instant burns all over the contact areas.

“I am so frustrated and traumatised of what happened to me on Friday night as I was having dinner in Tabu, where the waiter dropped a tray with liquid nitrogen on my back and caused burns all over my neck and back and I had to complete my night at the ER,” Aline tweeted.

“It is such a shame the amount of irresponsibility and ignorance the management dealt with such an incident especially that Tabu is one of the prestigious restaurants in #Dubai,” Aline said.

“Actually they offered me a dinner for 4 to compensate the damage!” Aline adds.

Aline warns about the dangers of liquid nitrogen, “LN2 is a dangerous chemical of -196 degrees. Please be cautious whenever you go to restaurants, they use this chemical to do shows (smoke) in food and beverages.”

As per media reports, according to Aline people around her thought she was on fire because of the amount of smoke immediately after the liquid nitrogen was dropped on her.

David Lescar, the founder of Japanese restaurant Tabu, called the incident unfortunate in an email to Khaleej Times and said the restaurant was “extremely sorry” about the “guest experience”.

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