‘Does KCR have moral right to speak on Vishakhapatnam steel plant?’ asks Kishan Reddy


Hyderabad: Union Minister for Culture, Tourism And Development Of North Eastern Region, G Kishan Reddy questioned whether Telangana Chief Minister K has any moral right to speak about the Vishakhapatnam steel plant privatisation issue.

While addressing the press conference on Sunday, G Kishan Reddy said, “KCR and his family have been talking a lot about the Vishakhapatnam steel plant in the past week. Singareni collaries are in loss. It is not getting funds from the Telangana government. When PM Modi came to Hyderabad to inaugurate development works in Telangana, the Kalvakuntla family and BRS party organised protests saying that Singareni is being privatised. On one side they are staging protests about privatisation and on another side, they say that they will buy the Vishakhapatnam steel plant”.

“As many industries in Telangana were shut down, the BRS party in its manifesto has promised that in 100 days they will open Nizam sugar factory. Now it has been 9 years, but not a single step has been taken by KCR in this direction. Does KCR have the moral right to speak about the Vishakhapatnam steel plant?” he said.

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He further stated the Telangana Government led by KCR has just one aim which is to criticize the central government from morning to evening.

“They have made their main aim to criticise the central government. Telangana people elected KCR for good governance and to fulfil the dreams of the Telangana people. However today, he has left Telangana to the air and the Chief Minister and his family in the name of BRS have made their main agenda to criticise the central government from morning to evening,” he said.

G Kishan Reddy also mentioned that the Telangana government has failed to deliver on the promises they had made in their manifesto during elections over the opening of industries in the state.

“The state government will set up a steel plant in Bayyaram even if the centre does not cooperate. The people are asking today, after 4 years, why are they not setting up the steel plant in Bayyaram? They said they will open many industries that were shut down, but did they open a single factory till today? KCR should answer this. The BRS manifesto also said that it will set up a revolving fund to open the small industries that were shut down. But to date, the revolving fund is still revolving in the air. As many industries belonging to the SC community are in trouble, there is around Rs.837 crores to be given. Many subsidies in the state for SC, ST, and others are not being given. Kalvakuntla family is now stating all other things to divert the people of Telangana from their failures” he said.

He also mentioned that CM KCR has no respect for the Indian constitution.

After 9 years, he (KCR) woke up and came out of his house on Ambedkar Jayanti. On Ambedkar Jayanti, all CMs would come to Tankbund and honour Ambedkar every year. But after becoming Chief Minister, KCR never came to the Ambedkar statue near Tankbund. KCR does not have any respect towards Ambedkar. He even said that the constitution written by Ambedkar is not relevant today and a new constitution should be written. He thinks that the Kalvakuntla constitution or the Nizam constitution should come.

There is a culture that on behalf of the Telangana people, Talambralu are given to the Bhadrachalam temple for Sri Rama Navami. But the Chief Minister today does not follow this culture. KCR hurts the sentiment of all the people. He even hurt the sentiments of Dalit people. He also said that he will make a Dalit as Chief Minister, give 3 acres of land to Dalits and also give Dalit Bandhu. The Dalit bandhu has become BRS Bandhu today. You (KCR) go for iftar parties, it is your wish but you do not come to Bhadrachalam,” he added.

Union Minister G Kishan Reddy also pointed out that in the Indian constitution, there is nowhere it has been mentioned that a Chief Minister and their family cannot be questioned by law enforcement agencies or the judiciary over scam allegations.

He further said, “Today in Delhi, Kejriwal is asking how can a Chief Minister been given notice. Ambedkar has given equal rights to everyone in the Indian Constitution. He did not give one right to Chief Minister for scams and another right to the common people. Whether Chief Minister or anyone else, it is the responsibility of the state police, High court, Supreme court, CBI and ED to enquire when there are allegations.

“The CM’s family should answer if there is anywhere in the Constitution that enquiry should not be done on the Chief Minister or Chief Minister’s family when there are allegations. Here also BRS party has set up a national party today to loot the country as it is not enough for them to loot Telangana. Union Government is not afraid of any of these atrocities,” he added.

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