Did you noticed Google grey logo today? Users are confused with the changed logo, Here’s why

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Google’s once-colourful logo has changed to grey, on 9th September leaving many users perplexed as to why the design has so suddenly gone monochrome.Google users are confused to see the colour of the logo. The logo isn’t clickable also.Google Doodles, modified versions of its logo that are devoted to famous people, are frequently displayed by the search engine. In each of these instances, users can click on the emblem to see a page that honours the historical figure and their accomplishments. Furthermore, it commemorates milestone anniversaries, death dates, and historic discovery dates.Google has made its logo grey to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away at the age of 96, on Thursday, September 8th, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.The gesture is just one of countless tributes to pour in from around the world, as newspapers described the Queen as a “unifying force” who symbolised stability during decades of rapid change, says the search engine’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai.On sombre US anniversaries like Memorial Day, when people remember those who lost their lives while serving in the military, Google frequently uses its grey logo. On the day of former president George H.W. At Bush’s funeral in 2018, the logo also turned grey.

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