Counter | Julius Kivimäki, who is suspected of data breach, is awaiting a detention trial in Vantaa prison


On Friday afternoon, Julius Kivimäki, the suspect in the data breach of Psychotherapy Center Vastaamo, was handed over from France to Finland.

Psychotherapy Center Suspect of a data breach targeting the reception desk Julius Kivimäki is waiting for Tuesday’s custody trial in Vantaa prison, says the head of the investigation, the crime commissioner Marko Leponen from the Central Criminal Police (krp).

Kivimäki was handed over to Finland on Friday afternoon from France, where he was arrested at the beginning of February.

KRP demands that Kivimäki be imprisoned in the district court of Länsi-Uusimaa on Tuesday, February 28.

The police demand that 25-year-old Kivimäki be arrested on probable cause on suspicion of aggravated blackmail, aggravated data breach and aggravated dissemination of information that violates private life.

According to Leponen, there is one copy of each suspected crime and all of them target the psychotherapy center Vastaamo.

KRP has not questioned Kivimäki so far.

“We will start the interrogations as quickly as possible this week,” says Leponen.

Stone Hill was arrested in France at the beginning of February. The man was arrested on the basis of a European arrest warrant. The police announced a search for the suspect in October 2022.

Kivimäki has been convicted before, for example, of a hacking network that targeted 50,700 computers. He was about 15 years old when he committed the crimes. Last November, the Helsinki Court of Appeal sentenced Kivimäki to conditional imprisonment.

The data breach at the reception desk was revealed when customers’ sensitive information began to appear on the dark web piece by piece. The information of thousands of customers ended up online.

Vastaamo was declared bankrupt in February 2021.

In their announcement, the police remind that victims of a data breach can still file a criminal complaint and fill out an electronic statement form. Instructions can be found on the websites of the police and the Crime Victims Emergency Service.

#Counter #Julius #Kivimäki #suspected #data #breach #awaiting #detention #trial #Vantaa #prison

#Counter #Julius #Kivimäki #suspected #data #breach #awaiting #detention #trial #Vantaa #prison
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