Commerce minister questions concerns about ilish export to India

Bangladesh’s Commerce Minister, Mr. Ahmed Khan, has responded to concerns surrounding the export of ilish, the iconic Hilsa fish, to India. Amid growing worries about the impact on the domestic market and livelihoods of fishermen, the minister addressed these issues in a statement today.

India is the largest importer of ilish from Bangladesh, and the recent surge in exports has prompted calls for stricter regulations to protect the local industry.

Minister Khan assured that the government is actively monitoring the situation and is committed to safeguarding the interests of both consumers and fishermen. He stated, “We understand the concerns raised by various stakeholders, and we are taking necessary steps to address them effectively.”

The Commerce Minister highlighted several key points:

  1. Ensuring Adequate Supply: Minister Khan emphasized that while exports are essential for the country’s economy, steps are being taken to ensure an adequate supply of ilish in the domestic market. This includes working closely with fisheries authorities to regulate catch quotas.
  2. Quality Control: The government is implementing rigorous quality control measures to maintain the high standard of ilish exports. This not only assures the quality for Indian consumers but also sustains Bangladesh’s reputation as a reliable exporter.
  3. Protecting Fishermen’s Livelihoods: The Minister assured that policies are being developed to protect the livelihoods of local fishermen. This includes providing training and modernizing fishing techniques to increase their competitiveness.
  4. Sustainable Fishing Practices: Bangladesh is committed to sustainable fishing practices. The government is collaborating with international organizations to ensure that ilish fishing remains environmentally responsible.

The Commerce Minister also urged stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue to address these concerns collectively. He said, “We believe in open communication and cooperation with all parties involved. We are ready to work together to find the best solutions that balance economic interests with environmental and social responsibilities.”

In conclusion, the government of Bangladesh is actively working to strike a balance between the growing export demand for ilish and the protection of domestic interests. Minister Khan’s statements reflect a commitment to ensure that this iconic fish continues to benefit both the economy and the people of Bangladesh.

Short News Summary:

  • Bangladesh’s Commerce Minister addresses concerns over ilish fish export to India.
  • The government is actively monitoring the situation and taking steps to ensure adequate domestic supply.
  • Quality control measures and sustainable fishing practices are being implemented.
  • Policies are being developed to protect the livelihoods of local fishermen.
  • The government is open to constructive dialogue with stakeholders to find balanced solutions.

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