BoAt Withdraws Sponsorship For Canadian Singer’s India Tour Over Controversial Remarks

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Leading Indian audio equipment manufacturer, BoAt, has decided to withdraw its sponsorship for the upcoming India tour of Canadian singer, Emma Reynolds, following her controversial remarks on social media. The decision has sparked a debate on the intersection of music, free speech, and corporate responsibility.

Reynolds, known for her pop-rock hits, had been scheduled to perform in major Indian cities as part of her global tour. However, her recent comments on Twitter ignited a firestorm of controversy when she criticized a prominent Indian cultural festival, calling it “outdated and culturally insensitive.” The remarks triggered a wave of backlash from fans and cultural enthusiasts.

BoAt, a brand known for its collaborations with musicians and artists, had initially signed a sponsorship deal with Reynolds, but the company decided to sever ties after the controversy erupted.

In an official statement, BoAt spokesperson Ankit Mehta said, “We deeply value the cultural sensitivities of our diverse customer base in India. Ms. Reynolds’ recent comments do not align with our brand values of respect and inclusivity. Therefore, we have decided to discontinue our association with her India tour.”

The move by BoAt has been met with mixed reactions. Some praised the company for taking a stand against what they perceived as disrespectful comments, while others argued that it sets a worrying precedent for stifling freedom of expression.

Prominent cultural commentator, Dr. Neha Kapoor, commented, “This incident underscores the complex relationship between artists, corporations, and their audiences. While it’s important to uphold cultural sensitivities, we should also be mindful of not stifling artistic expression and freedom of speech.”

Emma Reynolds has not yet responded to BoAt’s decision. Her India tour, scheduled to begin in November, now faces uncertainty as organizers scramble to find a replacement sponsor.


  • BoAt, a leading Indian audio equipment manufacturer, has withdrawn its sponsorship for Canadian singer Emma Reynolds’ India tour.
  • The decision follows controversial remarks made by Reynolds on social media, where she criticized an Indian cultural festival, sparking backlash.
  • BoAt cited the importance of cultural sensitivities in its decision and emphasized its commitment to respect and inclusivity.
  • The move has sparked a debate on the balance between corporate responsibility and artistic freedom.
  • The fate of Emma Reynolds’ India tour remains uncertain as organizers seek a replacement sponsor.
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