Attack on Christians in India and Pakistan

A hallmark of a civilised society is that minorities therein can live with dignity and honour. The recent attacks on Christians (and other minorities ) in India and Pakistan show that neither country is really civilised.

Christians in India and Pakistan are tiny minorities in both countries, about 28 million or 2.3% of the total population of about 1400 million in India, and about 1.27 million or 1.65% of the total population of about 230 million in Pakistan. They are peace loving people who have never done any harm to other communities. Rather, they have made a great contribution, particularly in the field of education, where many non Chistians prefer to send their children to Christian schools ( myself being a product of one of them, the Boys High School, Allahabad ).

Yet savage attacks have been made on them in both countries, many of whom were killed, their women raped ( two of them paraded naked and beaten in Manipur ), and their churches and homes often torched and vandalised.

For instance, recently in the state of Manipur the minority Christian Kuki community were barbarically attacked by the majority Meitei community ( most of whom are Hindus ), supported by the state government which is ruled by the pro-Hindu BJP party, which also rules the Central Govt.

Elsewhere too in India Christians have been attacked, and atrocities committed on them.

Similar atrocities have been committed recently on Christians in Pakistan

What drives these attacks on minorities ? 

It is the majoritarian policy of the ruling party in India, which thrives on religious hatred, as it gets them votes.

And in Pakistan it is the free hand given to the mullahs and religious extremists given by the Establishment.

It is sad to say, but this situation will continue until there is a radical change in the political and social system in both countries, but that is still a far way off.

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