Athidhi – Telugu series on Hotstar

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Hotstar, one of India’s leading streaming platforms, has been making waves in the world of entertainment with its latest Telugu series, “Athidhi.” The show, which premiered just a month ago, has garnered widespread acclaim and a rapidly growing fan base, solidifying its position as a must-watch series for viewers of all ages.

“Athidhi,” which translates to ‘Guest’ in English, is a refreshing take on family drama and suspense, masterfully blending intriguing storytelling with stellar performances by a talented ensemble cast. The series follows the mysterious arrival of a stranger in a small, close-knit village, unraveling secrets, unearthing old rivalries, and redefining relationships.

Hotstar’s gamble on producing high-quality regional content has paid off, as “Athidhi” continues to captivate audiences and set new benchmarks for Telugu entertainment. The show’s success underscores the growing appetite for regional content in India’s streaming landscape.

Mr. Rahul Sharma, Head of Content at Hotstar, expressed his excitement about the show’s reception: “We are thrilled to see the overwhelming response ‘Athidhi’ has received from our viewers. It reaffirms our commitment to bringing compelling regional content to our platform. Telugu audiences are embracing the series, and we are excited about the stories we have in the pipeline for them.”

Notably, “Athidhi” boasts a stellar cast, featuring acclaimed actors such as Prakash Raj, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, and Naveen Chandra, who have received widespread praise for their nuanced performances.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, one of the show’s lead actors, shared her thoughts on the series: “The response to ‘Athidhi’ has been truly heartwarming. It’s a fantastic experience to be part of a project that resonates with viewers and sparks discussions on its characters and storyline.”

Viewers have taken to social media platforms to express their enthusiasm for “Athidhi,” with hashtags related to the show trending regularly. The series has become a topic of conversation, not just among Telugu-speaking audiences but also among those who appreciate compelling storytelling in any language.

With its gripping narrative, talented cast, and remarkable production values, “Athidhi” has firmly established itself as a Telugu series that demands attention. As it continues to gain momentum, it’s evident that “Athidhi” is not just a guest on the streaming platform; it’s here to stay.


  • Hotstar’s Telugu series “Athidhi” gains widespread acclaim and a growing fan base.
  • The series combines family drama with suspense and features a talented ensemble cast.
  • “Athidhi” highlights the success of regional content in India’s streaming landscape.
  • The show stars Prakash Raj, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, and Naveen Chandra, receiving praise for their performances.
  • Viewers express their enthusiasm on social media, making “Athidhi” a trending topic.
  • The series solidifies itself as a must-watch Telugu show with a bright future ahead
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