Army jawan, who claimed ‘PFI’ written on his back, arrested over ‘fake complaint’

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In a startling turn of events, an Indian Army jawan who alleged he was assaulted by unidentified miscreants with ‘PFI’ written on his back, has been arrested for making a false statement about the incident. The case, which had initially sparked outrage, took a surprising twist when the soldier’s friend disclosed that the act was a bid for fame.

The incident reportedly occurred in a rubber forest in Kerala’s Kollam region, but investigations have revealed a different story.

Soldier’s Friend Discloses Truth: The soldier’s friend, whose identity remains undisclosed, admitted to his involvement in the fabrication of the incident. He confessed to writing ‘PFI’ on the soldier’s back and staging an assault. “I was drunk, so I initially wrote DFI, but he (Kumar) said to write PFI. So I made it PFI. Then he asked me to beat him up, but I said I couldn’t because I was drunk,” he revealed. The friend further stated that he was asked to tape the soldier’s mouth and hands before leaving the scene.

Arrests Made: The soldier, identified as Shine Kumar, initially filed a complaint before the Kadakkal Police Station. However, as the investigation progressed, discrepancies emerged, leading to his arrest. R Prathapan Nair, Addl SP of Kollam Rural, confirmed the arrests, stating, “On the basis of that, he was arrested today, and one of his friends was also arrested.”

False Statements Unraveled: According to a senior police official, Shine Kumar provided multiple reasons for making the false statement. These motives are currently under scrutiny. The police have also recovered green paint, a brush, and tape allegedly used in the staged incident.

PFI Connection: The soldier had claimed that he was assaulted by six individuals who wrote ‘PFI’ on his back. ‘PFI’ generally refers to the Popular Front of India, an organization banned by the central government last year. However, no physical injuries were found on the soldier’s body.


  • An Indian Army jawan was arrested for fabricating an assault incident involving ‘PFI’ writing on his back.
  • The soldier’s friend confessed to staging the incident, citing intoxication as a factor.
  • The police have recovered evidence used in the staged event, including green paint and tape.
  • The soldier claimed he was assaulted by six individuals, but no physical injuries were found.
  • ‘PFI’ refers to the banned organization Popular Front of India.
  • Investigations into the soldier’s motives for making false statements are ongoing.
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