Animals | The Guardian: A record number of dead dolphins washed up on French shores


According to those who campaign for animals, the time for dolphin populations is coming to an end. The French government has been called on to ban fishing in areas where animals are at risk.

A record number dead dolphins have recently washed up on the shores of the Atlantic in France, writes a British newspaper The Guardian.

Animal activists believe that this is only a fraction of the injuries and deaths of dolphins caused by fishing vessels.

According to researchers at Pelagis, a marine mammal and bird observatory connected to the University of La Rochelle, entanglement in fishing gear is the main cause of death for dolphins, writes The Guardian.

Researchers recorded 370 dead dolphins in the Bay of Biscay between December 1 and January 25.

Last year, 669 dolphins were found on French beaches. Most of them were found between mid-December and early April.

Marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd France has also reported on a case where a dolphin washed up on a French beach had been mutilated.

The leader of the organization Lamya Essemlal according to the number of dolphins washed ashore is only the tip of the iceberg. According to the organization, the actual mortality of dolphins on the west coast of France could be up to 11,000 of the dolphin population, which is estimated at 180,000-200,000 individuals.

“The majority of captured and released dolphins drown in the sea and their bodies sink,” he said, according to The Guardian.

As a solution to the problem, it has been proposed, among other things, to allow fishing only in certain areas at certain times. The French government has also been called on to suspend certain non-selective fishing practices.

#Animals #Guardian #record #number #dead #dolphins #washed #French #shores

#Animals #Guardian #record #number #dead #dolphins #washed #French #shores
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