Amala Akkineni’s message to protect dogs sparks outrage after Hyderabad incident


Hyderabad: Actress Amala Akkineni, who is also a well-known animal lover and activist, recently sparked mixed reactions on social media with her comments following the tragic mauling of a 4-year-old boy Pradeep by a pack of stray dogs in Hyderabad. While many people are calling for immediate solutions and action, Amala has urged people not to view dogs as enemies, but rather to treat them with love and compassion.

Amala says in her statement, “Please don’t let a few odd incidents turn you against dogs and make them your enemies. If we love them, they will love us back tenfold. Killing and hitting dogs is not the answer here.”

“The relationship between humans and dogs dated back to over 50,000 years ago and due to rare incidents like this, all dogs shouldn’t be harmed,” she added.

Amala’s point is that we must recognize the root causes of these incidents in order to respond in a civilized and compassionate manner. She emphasizes that one of the primary causes of the increase in stray dog populations is a lack of effective animal birth control measures. Instead of resorting to violence or hatred towards dogs, we must work towards long-term solutions that prioritize the safety and well-being of both humans and animals.

While several social media users slammed Amala for her comments who questioned how anyone can call for love towards dogs who attack people, a section of netizens are urged everyone to understand Amala’s genuine and reasonable intention.

People are saying that she has dedicated her life to promoting animal welfare as an animal lover and activist, and her message is not to excuse or justify the tragic incident, but to encourage people not to generalize dogs based on one or two incidents.

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