Alice in Phaansiland

One summer evening a little girl called Alice was dozing on a green meadow when she saw a white rabbit wearing a blue coat running on two legs, and seeing a watch said ” My God, I am late ”. Saying this it jumped into a hole on the ground.

Alice got up, and following him jumped into the same hole. She fell and fell, and finally landed with a big thud near a phaansi ghat ( gibbet or gallows ).

She got up and started looking around.

On the gallows she saw a corpse hanging from the gallows.

She asked a man standing nearby as to whose corpse was it ?

He replied ” It is that of the judge who granted bail to the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan ”.

” But who hanged him ? ” enquired Alice

” They were Pakistan army soldiers, acting on the orders of the Pakistan army chief Gen Munir ” the man replied.

Alice walked ahead and saw another gallows with two corpses hanging on it.

She wondered whose corpses were these, and asked another man about it.
He replied ” They are of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif and the former Interior Minister of Pakistan Rana Sanaullah ”.

” But why were they hanged, and who hanged them ? ”, she asked.

The man replied ” They were hanged because they abetted the army which unleashed a fascist reign of terror in our country, and they were hanged by an angry vengeful mob led by people whose relatives were killed, imprisoned and/or tortured in this reign of terror.”.

Alice proceeded further and this time saw several gallows on which were hanging the bodies of several army officers in their uniforms.

” Now whose bodies are these ? ”, she enquired of a passerby.

He replied ” They are of Gen Munir, former Pakistan army chief, and the Corps Commanders of the Pakistan army ”.

” But how could they have been hanged ? ” she queried.
” Haven’t you heard ? ” said the man, ” There was a revolution in this country, and the vengeful people, who had suffered unspeakable horrors at the hands of these tyrants and rascals, caught hold of them and hanged them ”.

Walking further Alice saw a gallows on which was hanging a skeleton.

She wondered why people should hang a skeleton, and enquired about it from some people who were kicking the skeleton and spitting on it.

They replied ” This is the body of that rascal Jinnah who to satisfy his own ambition got India partitioned, at the instigation of our wicked erstwhile British rulers, by befooling us with his bogus and crazy two nation theory that Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations, thus causing us enormous suffering, misfortune and calamity. We dug out his skeleton from his grave and have hanged it ”.

This hanging of a skeleton, and hanging of so many people, so shocked Alice that she got up from her sleep with a start, and realised she was dreaming.

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