Akbaruddin fires at BRS on Urdu, Old City in Telangana Assembly


Hyderabad: AIMIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi on Saturday fired at the BRS led state government on various issues like lack of justice to the Urdu language and development in Old City during the session of thanks to the Governor for her address that happened on Friday.

Akbaruddin also expressed serious disappointment over the lack of mention of many achievements of the state government in the Governor’s address.

“Yesterday’s Governor’s address was significant due to several reasons. In the year 2022, we missed the address due to reasons known to one and all. Let bygones be bygones. It’s a good beginning in the relationship between the top two constitutional functionaries in the state. However, compared to her previous address to the state legislature on March 15, 2021, which consisted of 42 pages. Her latest address is down to only 21 pages. I am sure Telangana has achieved significant progress but this has not been truly reflected in the current address which has been brief both on fact and figures,” he said.

Akbaruddin expressed discontent over the state government’s silence on the ‘step-motherly treatment’ meted out to Telangana by the BJP government at the centre.

“There has not been a murmur as well. The omissions of any reference to the state’s plight at the hands of the central government raise questions. Has the state government deliberately chosen to ignore these issues in the Governor’s address to show courtesy to her Excellency?..or has the Hon’ble Governor dropped portions of the text sent to her before the speech copies were printed?… or has the reference to the central government’s high handedness towards the state been brushed aside after the TRS became BRS?” he questioned.

On Urdu, Old City

MLA Akbaruddin then criticised the BRS government for failing to treat Urdu fairly while designating it as a second official language. He also asked about the circumstances at Osmania Hospital in Hyderabad and the progress of the mosque’s building at the Telangana Secretariat.

The AIMIM MLA said that despite the rapid progress in Hi-Tech City, the lack of development still persists in the Old City.

He also wanted to know when the Charminar pedestrian project and the Hyderabad Metro project would be completed. The AIMIM MLA said that the Makkah Masjid’s renovation works haven’t still seen completion.

Akbar, while congratulating the state government on construction of several hospitals across the state, questioned on the state of the promised Osmania hospital renovation.

MLA Akbaruddin accused chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao and other ministers for preventing him from meeting them and stated that he is willing to meet with even low-ranking staff for the benefit of the Telangana people.

KTR responded with a strong counterargument, stating that speaking without attending the BAC meeting is inappropriate. He added that the AIMIM, which has only seven members, is taking up too much time speaking in the session and advised them to adhere to the designated timings and house rules.

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