73 per cent educators in J&K Govt Schools teach Primary, Upper Primary level students, reveal Official figures

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Bhat ImranSrinagar, Sep 10 (KNO): Of total teachers posted at government-run-schools of Jammu and Kashmir, at least 73 percent of educators were only teaching the Primary and Upper Primary Level students, reveals official figures.The news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) has leant that at least 37 percent of educators were only teaching the Primary Level students only.

Besides, it also states that over 36 percent of the teachers were teaching the students of Upper Primary Level only.

According to the figures maintained by Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE), there were a total of 1,016,72 teachers in School Education Department across Jammu and Kashmir out of which at least 38,300 teachers were posted at Primary Level only followed by 36,908 at Upper Primary Level.UDISE has also maintained that only 15,570 teachers were teaching the secondary level students in Jammu and Kashmir.

Likewise, the figures also reveal that only over seven percent of teachers were posted at senior secondary level. “At this stage, only 7839 teachers were teaching the students.”The data also states that only 2893 teachers were teaching the students at both Pre-Primary and Primary level followed by 85 teachers at secondary and senior secondary level.It also reveals that only 21 teachers were teaching the students of Primary and Upper Primary level and 56 teachers at Upper Primary and Secondary level respectively—(KNO)

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