You can start this business with Rs 15,000, earning more than Rs 1 lakh, government helps

    You can start this business with Rs 15,000, earning more than Rs 1 lakh, government helps

    Business Plan: There is no confidence in the job, today is not tomorrow. During the Corona epidemic, crores of people have lost their jobs and many businesses have collapsed. In such a situation, one should do such a business which is evergreen, the need of which remains always and does not have to invest much money in starting it.

    The demand for sanitary napkins remains in every season.

    Sanator napkin business is a business whose demand is always there. This is a business that does not have a single season. You also get government help to do this business. It does not cost much to install a sanitary napkin unit. To install its unit, you will have to invest Rs 15,000 from your pocket.

    Government gives loan under Mudra scheme

    To start the business of sanitary napkins, the government also gives loans at cheap rates under the Mudra Loan Scheme. Through this business, you can earn up to 1 lakh 10 thousand rupees in the first year, while from next year your profit will increase.

    90 percent loan, 15 thousand will have to be invested

    1.45 lakh will be spent on setting up units producing 180 packets per day. 90 percent of this i.e. 1.30 lakh rupees can be taken from the Mudra scheme. You will have to put the remaining 15 thousand from your pocket.

    Sanitary Napkin Business Project

    The government has prepared a project of sanitary napkin business. According to the project report, soft touch sealing machine, napkin core dye, UV treat unit, defibration machine, core morning machine will have to be installed for sanitary napkin unit. It will cost Rs 70,000. After purchasing the machine, arrangements for raw materials like wood pulp, top layer, back layer, release paper, gum, packing cover will have to be made. The raw-material purchase will cost Rs 36,000.

    Annual profit above Rs 1 lakh

    If your unit is operational for 300 days in a year, then about 54,000 (180×300=54,000) sanitary napkin packets can be produced. An annual expenditure of about Rs 5.9 lakh will be incurred on the production of such packets. According to the estimates of the report, if the wholesale rate of a packet of sanitary napkins is Rs 13, then the total sale will be Rs 7 lakh. That is, the profit will be more than Rs 1 lakh.

    can start with a small room

    To start this business, you do not have to set up any big factory or plant, you can start this business in a small room. If you want to start a small business of sanitary napkin, then you can install a sanitary napkin unit in a room of only 16×16 square feet.



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