You can connect to WiFi even without a password, learn how

    You can connect to WiFi even without a password, learn how

    You want to connect your smartphone or laptop to WiFi even without a password. So you can try the methods mentioned here.

    These days most of the work in our life is dependent on the internet. From work from home to taking advantage of online facilities, it is very important to have internet. Some people use mobile data or wifi for internet. However, Wi-Fi is more pocket friendly than mobile data and that makes our job easier. Let us tell you that most people like to use Wi-Fi for more data and better speed.


    At the same

    time, every WiFi connection has its own password, which can be connected only after mentioning it on your phone or laptop. Many times we forget the password of WiFi and don’t want to ask again. In such a situation it becomes difficult to connect a WiFi phone or laptop. However, there is a way by which you can connect WiFi to your system, that too without asking anyone.

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    Must have QR code information

    Nowadays everyone has a smartphone (save the smartphone from getting wet ), so you will be well aware of the QR code. With the help of QR code, you will be able to connect to WiFi and you will not even need a password. Nowadays most of the people are trying this trick. On the other hand, with the help of some online sites, you can convert WiFi name and password into QR code. There are and etc., which you can help with.

    Connect the device to WiFi through this QR code

    • First of all, you go to any one website like or and click on Wi-Fi network and WiFi login option there.
    • After this you have to go to the SSID section and type the name of the WiFi. After that type the password and select the network type.
    • After this, Generate or Download QR Code will come, click on it.
    • After the QR code is printed, you need to connect your phone. Once scanned, WiFi will be connected to your smartphone ( increase smartphone speed ) and you can use it easily.

    How to Change Wi-Fi Password

    WiFi password should be changed from time to time. Actually these days people start stealing Wi-Fi, which you are not aware of. As a result, your Wi-Fi speed decreases. In such a situation, if you want to change your WiFi password, then try the method described here.

    • For this, keep one of your devices connected to Wi-Fi. Now open the web browser from the device.
    • On the right side of the browser, you will have the configuration page, which you have to open. Then type TP-Link router and hit enter.
    • Now in the settings of the router, type the default username and password. After that go to Wireless Security option. There you’ll see a Password or Shared key box, where you’ll need to enter a new password.
    • Now enter the password of your choice here, which you remember.




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