Whatsapp New Update: Partner has made you angry on Whatsapp, Block you, Unblock like this with this trick

    Whatsapp New Update: Partner has made you angry on Whatsapp, Block you, Unblock like this with this trick

    Your partner has blocked you on WhatsApp, so don’t worry. You can unblock yourself in a few minutes with this cool trick and then start a conversation. You just have to follow these 6 steps. Let’s know how…

    New Delhi. How To Chat Despite Being Block By Partner: We use WhatsApp to communicate with friends, relatives and partners. But sometimes there are situations where your partner or a friend blocks you. After that we keep looking for a way to talk. After getting blocked, we get upset and taking tension, we start thinking about how to talk to that person. If someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, then there is absolutely no need to take tension. We are going to tell you how you can talk to the person by messaging even after being blocked. Or how can you unblock yourself?

    First check whether it is blocked or not

    First of all, you have to confirm whether the person in front has blocked you or not. For this you have to send a message to the front. If there is only one tick on the message, then understand that the message has not reached them and they have blocked you. Let me tell you what to do after that…

    Delete WhatsApp account and sign up again

    To talk to the blocked user again, you will have to delete the WhatsApp account and sign-up again. After that you will be automatically unblocked and can message again. But remember that deleting the account can destroy your entire backup. So you make sure that what is more important to you.

    Understand this trick in 6 steps

    1. First you open WhatsApp and go to the Settings option and click on Account.
    2. Here you will see Delete My Account written, you have to click there.
    3. Here you have to enter your mobile number along with the country code.
    4. After completing this step, you have to click on Delete My Account.
    5. After that open WhatsApp again and create account again.
    6. After that you will be able to talk to the person who blocked you again.

    There is another way

    For the second method, you will have to take the help of your friend. You have to ask your friend to create a group. In that, if he adds you and the blocked person, then he will continue to get the message you send. Your talk will reach the blocked person. Maybe after you persuade, he will unblock you again.


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