What are Neo Banks, how do work?

    What are Neo Banks, how do work

    Neo Banking is becoming famous in the country and abroad. Most of the people are using online banking and digital payment mode for their day to day activities. The online financial service is focusing on the conducive experience of Custer. There is still a huge gap between what the banking platforms are offering and the demand of the customers.

    Neo Bank is working to bridge this gap.


    What is Neo Bank

    Neo Bank is such a digital bank which does not have any branch. This bank should be a digital bank which works only online and does not

    have any branch. It provides technically superior service to the customers as per their requirement. These are a kind of fintech firms, which provide online facilities like digitized money transfer, money lending. In this, all the services are available through the mobile app.


    How to choose Neo Bank

    1 Choosing the right bank for you is the most important decision. Do your research online first. You will get expert and customer reviews about Neo Bank. This will include information from customer experiences to rewards programs and interest rates.

    2 Before investing money in Neo Bank, see that it is according to your need. Banks keep your money and reinvest this money. In this way banks earn money and pay interest. Many times banks put money in such a place which is not according to you. In such a situation, choose the bank according to your value and need.

    3 With the rise of digital banking, the cases of online fraud have started increasing. Neo Bank takes care of security but even then only people with good technology savvy should open an account in Neo Bank.

    4 Many Neo Bank apps also provide the facility to create an emergency fund. You can easily deposit a fixed amount for the emergency fund in a month as per your goal.



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