VC CUK Shots Video Clip: Asks Students to Value Time, Health, Imaan


Asif Iqbal

Srinagar, Apr 23: (GNS) Advising the scholars to maintain their hygiene amid Covid-19 instances, Vice-Chancellor Professor Mehraj-ud-Din Bhat has in a brief video-clip requested varsity enrolled college students to money in each studying mode obtainable to full their programs properly in time.

In a one-minute and 5 second video clip, now doing rounds on social media, the highest educationist will be watched remarking that ‘Time, Health and Imaan are important components of one’s life’ and that the scholars ought to maintain themselves and their household amid Covid-19 instances.

Advising the scholars not to waste their time, Din says that “Whatever mode available, offline or online, should be exhausted (by the students) to complete their particular courses well on time.”

To meet this goal, the scholars want to preserve themselves hygienic, submit themselves earlier than Almighty Allah and be obedient to one’s mother and father, Din says including that “Work hard with commitment, dedication and InShaAllah you (students) will find success on your side.” (GNS)


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