Sushil Pandey, recently seen in the web series Maharani, talks about his life

Sushil Pandey, recently seen in the web series Maharani, talks about his life

How has been the response for your role in Maharani?

I am overwhelmed. Honestly, I never expected this kind of positive feedback. It’s a motivation to improve further. I am grateful to Subhash Kapoor for giving me this opportunity. This is my fourth show with him.

How did you start your journey in acting?

At the age of five, I used to do Ram Leela in my native state, Bihar. Later on, my friend and I started doing plays in our college in Gaya. These were my training grounds.

How and when did you come to Mumbai to pursue acting?

It was not an easy decision for me as I had lost my father quite early. I did a course in hotel management and took up a job in Goa. But, I was not enjoying my job, so I resigned and came to Mumbai in 2006.

How was the struggle period for you?

When I came to Mumbai, I had only Rs 3,000 with me. I spent my first night in Mumbai on the platform. It was 7th July, 2006. I remember it was a rainy day in Mumbai. I had zero connect in the industry. So, it’s been tough.

How did you get your first break?

It took time. I started doing plays and did even the smallest of roles like playing a driver or a mechanic in daily soaps. My first major break was with Jab Love Hua. Post that I have played various characters in Crime Patrol.

Who do you consider your teacher?

A person called Bapi Bose from the NSD, who used to tell me that acting comes from within. Then, Irrfan Khan. Though we worked only in one film, Billu Barber, whatever interactions I had with him are so precious to me.

OTT has provided opportunities to actors. What do you have to say about it?

The OTT platforms have been a blessing. The amount of good feedback I have received for the role bears its proof. I am also working in Inside Edge 3 and Human. Definitely OTT has multiple options for actors like me.

What do you love besides acting?

Travelling and exploring new places is my passion. My wife and I just pack our bags and put it in our car and explore the interiors of India.

You are working with Anubhav Sinha once again. Share something about it.

After Article 15, I worked with him again in Anek. We have completed the shoot and it is always great working with him. I am not allowed to divulge much.


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