Students going abroad can get 2nd dose between 28-84 days

Students going abroad can get 2nd dose between 28-84 days

Tribune News Service

Shimla, June 8

The second dose of Covishield can now be administered between 28 and 84 days of the first dose in special cases. In line with the directives of the Central Government, the state government, too, has decided to make this special relaxation to facilitate foreign travel for genuine reasons such as education, employment and sports events.

However, the Chief Medical Officers will give the necessary permission after checking whether 28 days have elapsed after the first dose, genuineness of the purpose of travel based on documents such as admission to a foreign university, interview calls for a job or offer letters from abroad and nomination to participate in the Tokyo Olympics Games. Those wanting to travel abroad can take vaccination through the passport up to August 31.

As per the recommendation of the national expert group on vaccine administration for Covid-19, the schedule of Covishield vaccine is to administer the second dose within 12 to 16 weeks, i.e 84 days after the administration of the first dose.

The decision to give relaxation was taken after several representations were received from people who are to undertake foreign travel for employment, education or as part of Indian contingent for the Tokyo Olympics Games, were received. If the travel dates fall before the currently mandated minimum interval of 84 days from the date of the first dose, they can take the second jab.

This special relaxation will be available for students travelling abroad for education, those going for jobs in foreign countries and athletes, sportspersons and the accompanying staff of the Indian contingent attending the Olympics Games to be held in Tokyo.


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