Soundarya Sharma adheres to multiple fitness forms

Soundarya Sharma adheres to multiple fitness forms

Actress Soundarya Sharma is taking to multiple forms of fitness. She loves working and has additionally taken up gymming, yoga in addition to mixed-martial arts. Talking about her fitness, Soundarya says, “I am a firm believer of wholesome fitness. Even though I put on or lose weight, the body functions have to stay the same or get better. Mobility is a huge part. It gives us not just confidence but also longevity. It is important to do it as young as possible.”

She additional says, “As actors, it’s such a high-performance job. We need to be at a very high level of fitness. Diet is such a huge part and it’s so neglected. One has to put in the right amount of fuel for the body to function. We are designed to move and so we should do. Just get that body moving.”


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