Soldiers of distress: infected, lost father yet are still on duty, these corona warriors


Amidst the havoc of the corona, the corona is a legend of warriors’ sacrifice, dedication and service. In the subject situation in every corner of the country, these soldiers of crisis are engaged in the service of patients day and night. In today’s episode, the story of some more warriors …

Suresh Gupta, Udhampur at the forefront of sending the infected to the hospital without fear
Suresh Gupta, who is handling the role of pharmacist in Chinanyi block, considers social service as his work. Being self-infected, he has discharged his duty responsibly through the phone, which has become an example for others. He lost his father to the epidemic in December 2020, but is still alive in the war to end Corona.

Pharmacist Suresh Gupta is currently assigned to assist in covid contact tracing in China. Prior to this, he was posted in CHC. As a corona warrior, he was given duty in Chinanyi Hospital, sometimes in the Micro Containment Zone and sometimes in the District Hospital. He was also at the forefront of sending the infected to the hospital without fear. He was corona infected about five months ago and lost his father in the same period due to an epidemic. But he did not lose courage and took the same risky duty as before.

Suresh said that after giving duty in the micro containment zone, the responsibility of assisting in Kovid contact tracing in China has been given. He said that it is necessary to be passionate about duty to eliminate Corona from its roots. People also have to understand their responsibilities.

Rakhi is playing duty after getting free from infection, Saharanpur
Saharanpur In the Corona era, health department employees have become soldiers of crisis. He cares for patients more than his life. They themselves are getting infected on this path of duty, but after recovering, they are performing the duty well again.

Among the soldiers of similar crisis are the staff nurse Rakhi of SBD District Hospital. His investigation report of Kovid 19 came positive on April 9 last. At that time, she was on duty in Physician OPD Room No.15. There was a daily rush of patients in OPD. During this time, Rakhi got infected. On finding out the investigation report, he isolated himself at home. Rakhi says that she has a son and daughter in the family besides her husband Sanjay Kumar. Kept himself in a separate room from the family. She did not get out of the room and did not allow the family members to come into the room. She continued to take regular medicines and took special care of food to keep her healthy. Also practiced yoga etc. After 15 days of home isolation, she is now fully healthy.

Now his duty is in the trauma center of the district hospital. There are also many patients admitted here, who take care of them. Rakhi explains that while in home isolation defeated the infection. After this, she is now doing her duty well. So that the injured can get timely treatment when they reach the trauma center.

Dr. Omvir Singh, Saharanpur, has been working without leave for 14 months
Ambehata (Saharanpur). Dr. Omvir Singh, the CHC incharge, is playing the role of an angel for the people in the Corona era. Dr. Singh, resident of Ramala village in Shamli district, has been posted as in-charge in the local CHC for almost three and a half years. It is said that he has not taken any leave for about 14 months. He was also posted for 14 days in the Corona era last year at Kovid Hospital in Fatehpur.

Told that when they remember the family members, they take their movement by phone only. Their services are also better at local CHC. They look forward to providing health services to people day and night. Corona’s Guidelines constantly make people personally aware of vaccination and testing.



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