Shama Sikander and beau James Milliron are truly in love with each other

Shama Sikander and beau James Milliron are truly in love with each other

Gurnaaz Kaur

Quite active on social media and always sharing mushy pictures, actress Shama Sikander and beau James Milliron keep setting relationship goals for their fans. Devoted to each other, the two have been living together for six years. With all the love and appreciation, living it to the fullest, they couldn’t ask for more.

From the start

Shama: I feel that we have been connected through many past lives. In this birth, though, we met eight years ago through a common friend. That day and today, we have stuck by each other.

James: We only met in 2014 through a mutual friend. It was an instant connection.

Living in the moment

Shama: We moved in together within a few months of our relationship. We lived really far away and that seemed like a waste of time, hence we decided to live in.

James: It was a natural progression. In no time we knew things would work out well and it made no sense to cover a long distance to be with each other.

So much has changed

Shama: Life has changed in every way you can imagine.

James: Instead, ask me how has life not changed? Smiles.

A perfect combination

Shama: It’s a bliss to have a partner who understands you and accepts you as who you are and cherishes your being.

James: Wonderful. We understand each other and both try to enrich each other as much as possible.

Constant company

Shama: Apart from our work, we do almost everything together, be it travelling, watching movies, serious discussions about things and what not.

James: Our favourite thing to do is to explore deep ideas about the world and self. Discussing psychology, spirituality, sociology and science. Then, whatever time is left, it goes into travelling and watching Netflix.

Couple goals

Shama: To be the best version of ourselves, so we can give our best to each other. Being there for each other, no matter what.

James: To be an inspiration to the world and our family.

The secret to success

Shama: Listen to your partner without judgment. While listening, keep your ego aside and be kind to yourself and to your partner. Value what you both have.

James: Communicate your thoughts and ideas. Dream together. Keep filling them up with encouragement.


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