Sameera Reddy on body positivity

Sameera Reddy on body positivity

Actress Sameera Reddy, on Wednesday, shared a collage of her ‘imperfectly perfect’ self on her Instagram profile. She added that she works on acceptance every day and that it has taken very long to embrace it. She wrote in her post, “Which part of your body makes you most uncomfortable? Is it stretch marks? Loose skin? Belly? Acne? Thinning hair? White hair? Cellulite? For me it’s my back flab and arms. I work on acceptance every day and it has taken me so long to embrace it.”

She continued, “Your body is listening and every time you have a negative thought of how much you hate it, it’s only magnifying how bad you feel. The best exercise for #bodypositivity is to look at the parts that you feel insecure with and be kind to yourself. Every day like a mantra.”

Sameera married Akshay Varde in 2013 and quit acting soon after her wedding. The couple welcomed their first child Hans Varde in 2015. While she is away from movies, the actress makes sure to stay connected with fans via her social media posts.


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