Sahil Khattar on working in different mediums

Sahil Khattar on working in different mediums

Having worked as a radio jockey, host and actor, Sahil Khattar has explored different mediums. And, he has enjoyed working in all of them.

He says, “The more you work in different mediums, the more experience you gain. But over the years I have realised that the digital appeals to me the most. I also like doing the WWE series on TV, enjoyed hosting Dance India Dance and anchoring for cricket. I also learnt a lot during my stint as a radio jockey. While shooting for the movie 83, I had fun and learnt so much. So yes, I would like to do all of these throughout my life.”

Sahil considers every new project in his career as a new landmark. But if he has to choose then he feels that forming Being Indian (his channel) and then being a part of 83 are the two big landmarks in his professional life so far.