Rakesh Tikait Warns of ‘War’ if New Farm Laws Not Repealed, Says 200 Protesters to March to Parliament

File photo of Rakesh Tikait.

Bharatiya Kisan Union spokesperson Rakesh Tikait on Friday said that the farmers’ agitation will not be called back and the protesters will stay put at their respective spots until their demands of repealing the legislation are met or there will be a “war” in the country.

In Rampur, Tikait also said that a big panchayat has been called on September 5 to decide the future of the farmers’ protest. “The government has two months of time to make a decision. It looks like there will be war in the country,” he said.

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“I have come here to know the well-being of the farmers. We protested against the price hike of diesel, now we are being asked what we mean by inflation. Farmers are buying diesel at inflated costs and are receiving no subsidy from the government. Sugarcane dues are still not paid. There is damage to the low-land belt. The situation is that the farmers of the country are at a loss,” he asserted.

Cornering the government on the new farm reform laws, Tikait said, “The law that the government has brought will cause more damage. The government should withdraw the law and sit and talk to the farmers, otherwise, this movement will continue. Farmers are not in a mood to back off. We are doing a peaceful protest, so the government is not listening. If we protest in a revolutionary way, then they will listen, but we cannot do that. We are the worshipers of peace. We always believed in peaceful protests,” the 52-year-old peasant leader said.

On the farmers doing a gherao of the Parliament, Tikait said, “The farmers know the way to the Parliament House. Now from July 22, 200 people will go there. Till the time Parliament runs, 200 people will go every day. Now whenever the farmer goes, he will go to the Parliament House, not the Red Fort.”

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