Proposal: Traffic booths will be built at 90 places in Jammu city, there will be arrangement for sitting, drinking water and toilets.


Ajay Meenia, Jammu

Published by: Prashant Kumar
Updated Thu, 15 Jul 2021 12:18 PM IST


At present, booths have been made at few places in the city. There are some other locations including Satwari, Narwal, Jewel Chowk, but now booths will be made at 90 places in the city. It has also been asked to arrange for toilets. There will be drinking water, seating area and other necessary facilities so that

the traffic police personnel do not have to suffer in rain or sun.

Traffic police personnel cutting e-challan near Dogra Chowk
– Photo : Amar Ujala

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Under the Smart City Project, traffic booths will be set up at 90 places in the city, which will provide convenience to the traffic police personnel. For this, the traffic police has made its proposal in the Smart City Project 10 days ago and sent it to the Municipal Corporation.

Women personnel on duty have to face more problems, so they have been asked to make arrangements for toilets in the booths. Along with this, booths have been asked to be made to avoid sun and rain. Proposal has been sent in Smart City Project. Hope to work on it soon. Kaushal Sharma, SSP, Traffic Police

60 machines given for e-invoicing

There will be a system of e-challan to cut the challans of those who break the traffic rules in the city. Fully e-invoicing. For this, 60 machines have been given to the traffic police personnel. With these machines, people’s money will be deducted from their ATM card at the same time. Or else a receipt will be given to them after taking the money. The offense of breaking the rule will be fed into the machine. After this, a receipt will be given after deducting the fine of offence.





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