Prepaid plans: Airtel vs Jio vs Vi upgraded prepaid plans with 2GB daily data under Rs 1000, here is what they offer – informalnewz

    Prepaid plans Airtel vs Jio vs Vi upgraded prepaid plans with 2GB daily data under Rs 1000, here is what they offer

    Airtel, Jio and Vi prepaid plans that offer Disney+ Hotstar plans have become slightly expensive with the introduction of new plans from the streaming service.

    Telecom companies Airtel, Jio and Vi have revised some of their prepaid plans as streaming service Disney+ Hotstar introduced its new Mobile plans that come along with these plans. The plans thus offered by Airtel, Jio that come along with Disney+ Hotstar have seen a hike. Meanwhile, users who are already subscribed to Disney+ Hotstar plans can use them till the end of their subscription after which they will have to opt for upgraded plans. In this article, we have mentioned only 2GB data per day plans which have seen an upgrade. There are also 3GB daily data plans being offered by these telcos that give access to the streaming service.

    Starting with Jio, the 2GB plan the telco offers is priced at Rs 666 and offers 2GB daily data and 56 days validity. After this plan, the next plan is priced at Rs 888 and will give 2GB daily data with 84 days validity. Finally, there is an annual plan with Disney+ Hotstar benefits which will give 365 days validity and offer 2GB daily data and will be priced at Rs 2599.

    Coming to Airtel, the telco too, has updated its list of plans. The 2GB plans are now priced at Rs 699 and Rs 2798. These plans offer 2GB data for 56 days and 2GB data for 365 days. The plans also give access to unlimited calling as well as 100 SMS per day. These plans will also give users access to Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition, so mobile users will have access to Disney+ Hotstar as well as Amazon Prime.

    Vi’s Disney+ Hotstar plans were previously priced at Rs 401, Rs 601 and Rs 801. They have been hiked by Rs 100 and are now priced at Rs 501, Rs 701 and Rs 901 but offer the same benefits. These plans offer 100GB data for 28 days, 200GB data for 56 days and 300GB data for 84 days. All of these plans offer unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day with telecom-specific benefits. Vi also gives a data plan which was priced at Rs 501 and is now priced at Rs 601 that offers 75GB data for 56 days validity. While the above-stated plans are upgraded plans, the telcos continue to offer 2GB daily data plans which have not been revised since they don’t offer Disney+ Hotstar benefits.

    Airtel offers prepaid plans at Rs 298, Rs 449, Rs 698 and Rs 2498. These plans give 2GB daily data, unlimited calling and data with validities ranging between 28 days and 365 days. Jio offers 2GB daily data plans at Rs 249, Rs 444, Rs 599, Rs 666, Rs 888 and Rs 2399 that comes with calling and SMS benefits and access to Jio apps. Vi offers 2GB daily data plans at Rs 595, Rs 795, Rs 299, Rs 449 and Rs 699.