PM Modi asks parents to not pressurise children; tells children that board exams are another step in long life

PM Modi asks parents to not pressurise children; tells children that board exams are another step in long life
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Vibha Sharma
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, April 7

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Ahead of the upcoming Class X and XII board examinations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday gave a brand new formulation “Involve, Internalise, Associate and Visualise” to college students to sharpen reminiscence. 

Addressing the fourth version of ‘Pariksha pe Charcha’, PM Modi mentioned when issues are visualised in thoughts, it turns into straightforward to memorise them.

“Memory by association concept works well in the early years so involve yourself in whatever you are doing. If you are sitting at home with a book in hand but thinking about friends, school, food, then you will not remember anything,” he mentioned in the digital dialogue on upcoming board examinations. 

In this context he additionally requested college students to refer to the up to date model of his ebook ‘Exam Warriors’.

The one-and-a-half-hour plus session noticed college students, parents and academics asking the prime minister questions starting from examination fears to tackling tough topics to inculcating values techniques in children and their meals preferences and likewise how the COVID-19 pandemic had affected training in the course of the yr.  

“Marks do not decide your future. An exam is just the beginning of a fruitful career. Students and parents should not consider exams the end of life,” he mentioned, asking children to hold their thoughts calm and recent whereas getting into the examination corridor.

“The best solution is to leave all your tensions outside the exam hall. And you should also think that you have done all the preparation you had to. Now, your focus should be on answering the questions well,” he mentioned.

When one pupil requested about shedding a yr due to COVID-19, the prime minister mentioned the pandemic has additionally taught classes.  

“People learnt the true value of many essential things. The pandemic has taught to fight the unexpected. People have realised the importance of not taking anything for granted like regular school days, attending office. The emotional bonding between family members has strengthened during the pandemic. Covid forced us to maintain social distancing but it strengthened families’ emotional bonding,” he mentioned.

He suggested parents to be extra concerned with their children, perceive their strengths and weaknesses however not pressurise them. 

“Parents are so busy nowadays that that they do not have time to recognise the true energy of their children. This is the explanation parents depend on mark-sheets to choose their children. There is rather more to a baby than marks.  

“We start believing that kids are our instruments of social status and when kids fail, we say they are not motivated enough. As a result, the kids unintentionally become instrument of their parents’ dreams,” he mentioned.

As he requested academics to information their college students on time administration, his recommendation to college students was to keep correct schedule and sort out onerous topics and matters in the morning. Citing his personal instance, he mentioned when “your mind is fresh, you will have sharper concentration”.

“I will advise students to invest energy equally on all issues, distribute your time equally. I take up all the difficult issues early in the morning. I take decisions better when my mind is fresh,” he mentioned

To a pupil, his recommendation was to do what makes him glad in the course of the free time.

“If I have free time, I like to sit on a swing,” the PM mentioned. He additionally requested parents to inculcate values they need in their children by examples.

“How many of you have asked those who work for you to participate in your celebrations? We should lead our children with example. We should make sure that they see us performing our social duties,” he mentioned.

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