PM Mandhan Scheme: In this scheme, on depositing only 2 rupees every day, you will get a pension of 36 thousand – informalnewz

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    PM Scheme: The minimum age to join this scheme is 18 years. To take advantage of this scheme, you will have to save less than Rs 2 per day.

    PM Shram Yogi Mandhan Scheme, How to Earn Money: New Delhi: Corona has increased the difficulties of the people. Especially this epidemic has had a bad effect on the pockets of the people. One thing this difficult time has taught us is saving money. Every person wants that he has a good investment till the job runs or he gets a good pension in old age.

    There are many such government schemes in which making a small investment can solve your problem. But sometimes we have problems due to lack of information about the plans. But today we will tell you about a plan that can change your life.

    This scheme is becoming very popular,
    PM Shram Yogi Maandhan is a special scheme of Modi government for financial security in old age to the low income group of such unorganized sector. Through this scheme, there is a provision of monthly pension of 3000 rupees or 36 thousand rupees annually after the age of 60 years for making very little contribution every month.

    Under this scheme, any Indian citizen between 18 years to 40 years can join with easy conditions. According to the Ministry of Labor and Employment, till September 10, 2021, about 45.11 lakh people have joined this scheme.

    This condition has to be accepted,
    PM Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana has been started by the government for the better future of small workers. But there is a condition in this scheme that the monthly income of the person joining the scheme should not exceed 15 thousand rupees. Women are ahead of men in participating in this scheme of the government. Any citizen working in the unorganized sector can join this scheme.

    From daily wage laborers to maids, drivers, electricians and sweepers or all such workers can take advantage of PM Shram Yogi Maandhan.

    Monthly contribution starts from Rs 55.
    The minimum age to join this scheme is 18 years. To take advantage of this scheme, you will have to save less than Rs 2 per day. After the age of 60, a pension of 3000 rupees will continue to come in your account every month for life.

    Your contribution will increase marginally as you get older. For example, if you join at the age of 29, then the contribution will be 100 rupees. If you join at the age of 40, the contribution will be Rs 200 per month.

    You can get benefit from this process
    , registration in the Prime Minister’s Shramyogi Maandhan Pension Scheme can be done at any nearest CSC center. You must have Aadhar Card and Savings Account / Jan Dhan Account (with IFSC Code). Also you have to give your mobile number. Passbook, check book or bank statement can be shown as proof.

    On-nominee can also be entered at the time of opening the account. Once your details are entered in the computer, your monthly contribution will be fixed. Your initial contribution will have to be made in the form of cash. After which your account will be opened and Shram Yogi Card will be available. You can get information about this scheme on 1800 267 6888 toll free number.